DCR Online is a brand new community radio station for Dumfries & Galloway, located at Crichton Central in the grounds of The Crichton and owned by Graham Anderson and Fiona Jones.

They plan to bring to Dumfries an eclectic mix of local and international music; talk shows about environmental and cultural issues, and topics about life which reflect Dumfries’s vibrant and ever-changing society, as well as local news, weather, breaking news and traffic reports.

By working in partnership with The Crichton Trust, DCR will be a powerhouse of community information, self-empowerment and a voice for the community. They plan to be an empowering tool to help foster self-reliance and development for the community through positive change by involving local people in both on-air and off-air projects. There will be training opportunities for those wishing to develop skills in both presenting and media production.

The way people listen to radio has changed dramatically over the years – and continues to change as we move further into the 21st century. DCR is way ahead of their competitors and although will initially be broadcast online only, they will be very visual with many of their popular programmes being brought to you via Facebook Live and other social media outlets.


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